What is a Family Group Conferencing (FGC)?

What is a Family Group Conferencing (FGC)?

From time-to-time, families have difficulties caring for their children and this can be for many different reasons. Family group conferencing is a way of bringing family members together in a positive way with an impartial facilitator to make a plan for their child or young person. A principle of family group conferencing is that families are asked to help develop their own solutions. This way of working acknowledges that families know themselves better than anyone else. Family members are encouraged to support each other and take back responsibility for themselves; helping to address families’ feelings that statutory services make decisions for families rather than together with them. An independent family group conference coordinator works to bring the extended family, kin and community together to explore issues affecting the child and support family members to find their own resolutions to keep the child or young person safe, healthy and happy.

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      • Who will be at the Family Group Conferencing (FGC) meeting?

        The people who attend the meeting will all be known to you. The facilitator will keep you informed about who will be there on the day. It will be the caseworker and their manager, services you work with, as well as your family and friends.
      • Who should I invite to my Family Group Conference (FGC)?

        You should invite any friends and family who are important to you and your family. You should also invite any service provider or group that are currently offering you some support.
      • Can we use Video Conferencing for our Family Group Conference

        We use our own video conferencing system called OFTEN (One Future Telehealth Education Network) to include family members who are unable to attend in person. Ask your facilitator to see if this is an option. Please note due to limitations of network ...
      • How do I get to the Family Group Conference?

        The facilitator will talk with you about how you will get to the venue and can liaise with the caseworker if financial assistance is needed to attend the meeting. It may be that you can get a lift with a family member or support worker. The meeting ...
      • What will happen if I do not agree to do the Family Group Conference (FGC)?

        If you decide that a family group conference is not the right thing for you and your family the facilitator will inform the caseworker of your decision.  If you change your mind at any point in the future, you can contact your caseworker and ask them ...