How to log in for the first time

How to log in for the first time

Use this help article when you are logging into Zoho for the first time once your administrator has sent you your email address (login) and password.

Step 1 - Logging In

Go to  and put in your username (email address) and press NEXT.
Enter the password that was sent to you and press SIGN IN
You will be prompted to change your password, enter and new password and press SET PASSWORD
Once you password has been accepted  you can press  SIGNIN NOW 
Enter you new password and press SIGN IN

Step 2 - MFA

You will now be prompted to install the OneAuth App press INSTALL NOW
Scan the QR code using you mobile by using your camera app and pointing it at the screen, if this doesn't work go to the following links depending on your model phone
Install the Zoho OneAuth App on you phone
Once it is installed Login the app using you email address and your new password that you set in step 1
Run through the wizard in the app and Click on Switch to MFA
Double Click on the PUSH Notification 
Enter the password   that you set in step 1
on Auto-Allow screen press Add
Add you local location if you want otherwise click cancel.

Step 3 - Login 

Go to  on you laptop and put in your username (email address) and press  NEXT.
Enter you password   and press SIGN IN
You will now get a push notification  on you mobile to approve the login press APPROVE on your mobile in the OneAuth App
On you laptop browser  Press TRUST

Step 4 - Login in you apps 

Once you successfully log in go you will see this screen

Click edit to edit to make adjustments to you information like country from United States to Australia.
To get to you APPs click on the menu bar located in the top left as seen below or click here  

Save this URL to a favourite
below are the icons for you apps

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