I have been referred to have a Family Group Conference (FGC), what happens next?

I have been referred to have a Family Group Conference (FGC), what happens next?

A family group conference facilitator will contact you to arrange a time to come and visit you. They will explain in detail the process and stages of the meeting and answer any concerns and questions you may have. 

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        From time-to-time, families have difficulties caring for their children and this can be for many different reasons. Family group conferencing is a way of bringing family members together in a positive way with an impartial facilitator to make a plan ...
      • Can we use Video Conferencing for our Family Group Conference

        We use our own video conferencing system called OFTEN (One Future Telehealth Education Network) to include family members who are unable to attend in person. Ask your facilitator to see if this is an option. Please note due to limitations of network ...
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        You can contact One Future at any time if you have any questions. Your facilitator will share their contact details with you so that you can communicate with them during the family group conference process. For the Parent/s you can also contact your ...
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        Before the family group conference is held, the facilitator will spend time with you and your family and explore who else needs to attend the conference. This could include members of the extended family and kin, a support person or a community ...
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        The process for a Family Group Conference is below. See Process below